A Safe Place Analysis

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School is the name which they have given it, a name that does not suit it one bit nor reflects how it treats us. They decorate the big building with lots of windows, and paint it in light, calm colors, to give it that relaxing state of mind. This way it fools our parents into thinking we are in a safe place where nothing bad can happen and that we are protected, but our parents are wrong. The building towers over me, as it looks down at the meek little students that enter. With its sly smile it welcomes me before completely consuming all of my body within itself. On the inside reality can no longer exist for us, all contact with the outside world completely vanishes, and we are no longer people. We turn into the slaves, prisoners, of a thing…show more content…
All of her buttons fall off her skin as she walks and I understand that we are still prisoners, no matter how hard we say we will fight the system. From elementary school, the only thing we are taught to obey the rules. Teachers become our mothers and father, and all that they say is correct while they feed us with textbooks, taking in even the lies that are fed with our carrots and peas. By the time we are older we can no longer have any contact with playgrounds or the outside world. Inside is the only world for us and it remains this way still. In our first period class, we trudge to our assigned cells, obeying what space our officers have assigned to us. The teacher wears a uniform, coated with badges ranging from the experience that she has gained from the years working with the school. She looks down at the low lives that are forced into her room, seeing us only as peasants and not worthy of her status. She calls out all our names as she goes down the roster, marking those that are here and those that are not. I think about the horrors that the missing students must go through when they are caught. Freedom to be able to roam and do what they please but for how long? What are the consequences of their actions, of their need to

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