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Author’s Statement In this written work, it clearly depicts the daily struggles Canadian women have to go through during the middle of WWI in Manitoba, 1916. Whether it be their kids, work, or someone they love fighting in the war, women had to endure a lot of emotional and physical discomfort. Day after day while the men were at war, the women would stay back, often balancing their traditional roles as well as new responsibilities. Consequently, it was no easy task for them to juggle several duties at once and grasp the concept of change that the war had brought upon them. Thus, it can be said that we should remember all the sacrifices women made such as letting their husbands go to war and their freedom as they had to work extensively in order to be a part of the war effort. Not only that, but they were tormented and ridiculed for being women since they were not seen as equals to men. As a result, it is even more imperative that we remember that the men were fighting for their lives, but the women ensured that they had fight left in them.…show more content…
By far, the people whose experiences we should commemorate are, of course, the men, but also the females who helped on the homefront. Without these women, rich or poor, Canada would not be the way it is today. This is due to the fact that these millions of women were the backbone of how Canada survived during the war when practically all men were gone to fight during WW1. Even women who signed up to be a part of the paramilitary should be praised as they went outside their comfort zones and broke gender roles when they willingly decided they wanted to be trained just like the men. These were the women that were keen on keeping the streets of Canada safe

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