Micro Level Of Crime Analysis

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For this essay I will investigate the complexity of reducing crime and criminal activity, through exploration of how some criminology theory’s aim to reduce crime at a micro, meso and maco level. Micro-level The Micro-level, this is the smallest unit of analysis used in sociology. Sociology at the Micro-level, Microsociology involves the study of people in face-to-face interactions at a small scale in their individual social setting, such as a small group of individuals in a particular social context. Other Examples of micro-level levels of analysis include, Citizens in Households. Criminology Theories at the micro-level focus on explanations of crime at the individual. Examples of these theories include rational choice theory, the situational…show more content…
This perspective is designed to reduce an offenders opportunity to commit crime, as well as to reduce motivation through removal of a loctation that could be seen as an enabler for a certain criminal activity. Situational crime prevention aims to change the displace routine activities associated with certain high risk areas. Criminal events perspective theory The theory puts forward the idea that criminal acts and criminal events are separate and distinct. This approach focuses on specific conditions that may influence the likelihood of a crime occurring while considering the contexts for how the offenders of crime interact and also taking into consideration the actions of the victims of the crime., Analysing the possible connections between the victim and committer of a crime, ranging from possible history between them, as well as time, the social situation, the area of the crime.…show more content…
The occurrence of crime and fear of crime are associated with three particular elements, The public’s attitudes and their perceptions of control, the public’s behaviours and responses to criminal or potential criminal activity; and public signs and embellishments in the area. The territorial functioning perspective is predominantly helpful in the examination of crime in residential areas, and to in which way public areas and social attitudes can be influenced to promote cultures which discourage criminal

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