A Midsummer Night's Dream Research Paper

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Lust Over Love Our modern day lives are the evolved lifestyle of the past generations as we are developing into more modest human beings humans. As time passes, many people developed new perspectives toward the same feeling. Shakespeare’s play, A Midsummer Night’s Dream exemplifies how lovers have approached love’s struggle in numerous ways in order for their love to succeed. This colligates to modern day couple’s love where the same problems are faced, only in a different environment. Shakespeare’s impact on modern day, an Athenian couple, and a struggling lover named Helena all play a factor to how both generation’s love obstacles are similar. Many famous playwrights written by Shakespeare signify modern day couples because they relate to their own aspect of love’s struggles. In A Midsummer Night’s Dream, two Athenian lovers, Lysander and Hermia, live under the denial of marriage from Hermia’s father, Egeus, who had betrothed another athenian, Demetrius, to Hermia’s consent. Hermia, however, is devastated as her love, Lysander comforts her saying, “The course of true love never did run smooth (1.1.5).” Hermia and Lysander face denial of their love by their guardians very much as today where many beings are denied approval to love. This results in Hermia and Lysander…show more content…
Demetrius was devoted to Helena, showering her with cupid’s swarming bows as Helena was hit with every bow, drowning of love to Demetrius. The conflict of marrying Hermia however, has masked Demetrius’s love to Helena, isolating Helena of betrayal. Helena expresses her feeling of jealousy when she says, "Through Athens I am thought as fair as she" (1.1.8). Many relationships today result in divorce, where the spouse breaks the others heart after an official promising to eternally devote and love their maiden. The effects of betrayal of this act is evident as Helena is trying to win back her heart’s
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