Hunting In The Ozark Plateau

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You are standing on top of a hill, wind whisking through your hair, and in the distance you see a farmer plowing his fields, a doe leading her fawns through the forest, and a group of children laughing and playing. As the sun sets over the hills, it makes the sky a luminous collage of reds and oranges. That is what it feels like everyday to live in the Ozark Plateaus. Although some people may not agree that the Ozark Plateau is a great place to live, it is my assertion that the Ozark Plateau is one of the best places on Earth to live, specifically due to the plentiful farmland, rolling hills, great people, bountiful hunting and fishing locations, and rich historical significance. The extensive amount of farmland of the Ozark Plateaus is…show more content…
With forests full of deer, turkey, squirrel, bear, wild hogs, and many other types of wild game, the hunting in the Ozarks is some of the best in Arkansas. The hunting in the Ozarks is another one of the reasons the early settlers lived here. The ability to hunt the forests around them for wild game to provide food for their family was a necessity in making a home. The people who now live in the Ozarks continue to uphold the tradition of hunting,…show more content…
The Osage Indians were the first inhabitants of the Ozark Plateaus, but lived only in semi-permanent villages, usually located near streams. When the first Europeans arrived in the Ozarks they easily drove the Osage tribes out, due to the Europeans advanced weaponry, and the diseases they brought with them, such as small pox. The first European settlers are associated with the lead mines in the Eastern Ozarks. The miners lived in small town and usually passed the occupation from one generation to the next. In these areas there were usually two separate communities, one for mining, and the other for things like agriculture, hunting, and timber. People moving up the White River were the next inhabitants. Most of these people were of English stock, from the hill country of Kentucky and Tennessee. These people were pro-union during the Civil War. As a result, the Ozarks had a lot of guerrilla battles. A significant portion of the population along the Missouri and Kansas border and in the Ozarks was forced to flee until the war was over. After the Civil War, settlers of Germanic background moved into the plateau portions of the region. Many other nationalities came to the Missouri Ozarks, each with it’s own traditions. These include the Italians at Rosati, the Swiss at Altus, (The common caricature of an Ozark

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