Ralph Lord Of The Flies Character Analysis

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Everyone is a walking build board of what they believe in and stand for. Some are more obvious than others and some need a push in order to show what they are really about. This is the case for British boys stranded on an Island. Some stay relatively the same while others drastically change. Each character represents different aspects of humanity. Golding reveals an incredibly complex story through the use of symbolism in his characters. Simon acts as the Jesus figure while on the island. Like Jesus Simon foretells the future. When Ralph is feeling down Simon comforts him by saying “’All the same. You’ll get back all right’”(111). Simon has keen insight on what future life will hold for Ralph. He has a deeper understanding of what will come.…show more content…
Piggy approves the use of the conch shell and the power it possesses. “’I had the conch,’ said Piggy simply, ‘I had a right to speak’”(93). Piggy could not be more different from his fellow companions on the Island. He is fat, thinks like an adult, and is physically weaker due to health conditions. Everyone but Simon mocks and ridicules him. He sees the conch as a jewel, which enables him to be heard and somewhat respected. The conch represents authority and civility both things Piggy values dearly. Piggy treasures the conch even more than his glasses, which give him the gift of sight. Ralph, Piggy’s closest pal on the island balances what he likes to do and what he has to do. Ralph likes to have fun, but keeps his end goal clear. While having a disagreement with Jack Ralph says, “I’d like to put on war paint and become a savage. But the fire’s the most important thing”(89). Ralph begins his time on the Island carefree and up for an adventure but soon realizes the severity of his grave situation. Ralph does his best to lead the boys as chief, but there is only so much he can do when fear pillages his tribe. Ralph knows rules are not fun but understands their piece in keeping tranquility. Ralph knows keeping a fire going for all hours day and night is difficult, but he sees it as the only chance for rescue. Not to say Ralph is perfect because he occasionally strays from what is right, but he never takes his eyes off the prize … getting off the
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