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Elvis came from very humble beginnings. Elvis Presley’s parents were a very poor couple who lived in a two-room “shotgun shack” in East Tupelo, Mississippi(Doll 6). There first son, Elvis Aaron Presley, was born on January 8, 1935. Unfortunately, Elvis had a twin brother, Jesse Garon Presley, who died at birth. The death of Elvis’s twin haunted him his whole life. Besides the death of his brother, Elvis was the only child with two very loving parents. His father, Vernon Presley, worked very hard throughout Elvis’s childhood to help support his little family. His mother, Gladys Love Presley, had a very strong love and pride for her only surviving son because he was all she had. Elvis had a very loving family. Elvis had a very normal childhood. At a young age, Elvis became very interested in music. His family attended the First Assembly of God Church which really began his strong love for gospel music. At a young age, Elvis also learned how to play guitar. Besides his love for music, Elvis was also very popular at school. He spent most of his time at the movies with his friends and was caught watching films such as Tarzan and Houdini. Elvis also had very early romances with some very…show more content…
He first begin going on tour alongside other music artists and also performed at radio stations and special events. He began to attract many fans and soon begin his own tour. As Horace Logan said, “Elvis was absolutely crazy about the girls and truly loved them”. Elvis would get the attention of such enormous crowds with his amazing musical talent, his swift dance moves, and his very attractive appearance. With so much attention, he became one of the “first media superstars” of his time (Music and Dance).Besides going on tour, Elvis was also very focused on his music. He had his first million dollar contract for his official album released on March 13th, 1956. He continued to release classic songs such as,Blue Suede Shoes, Jail House Rock, and Hound

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