Cultural Diffusion Of Orville And Wilbur

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The Wright brothers, Orville and Wilbur were two American inventors and pioneers of the aviation industry. One hundred and twelve years after their first successful human flight in an airplane, the popularity of human aviation has stretched to the far corners of the globe. This year, there will be over thirty seven million commercial flights scheduled to carry three billion people to one hundred and ninety two countries worldwide. Not only has air travel become an important form of transportation for people, but it also has become an efficient way of carrying mail, food, medical supplies and durable goods. This proliferation of flight has given rise to cultural globalization, a phenomenon which refers to the experience of everyday life…show more content…
(Reference pg. 34) Regardless of where humans live on the earth, all societies exhibit basic patterns of behavior that help contribute to their survival and reproduction of the species. These universals exist today in part due to cultural change and cultural diffusion. Cultural diffusion is the process where cultural traits are conveyed from one society to another, either through migration, trade, music, art or religion. (Reference Winthrop) Accepting the fact that culture is transmitted through diffusion is an important step to understanding the similarities of humans from different parts of the world. These similarities include economics, family, education, social control and religious…show more content…
Every society has an established and organized way of teaching relevant life skills from one generation to the next; these education systems are how children learn to become productive members of society. Likewise, social control systems are used to develop and establish ways of preserving social order. (Reference 27) Behavior control of citizens is achieved primarily through laws enacted by the government and enforced by the community or an intricate police force. Both education and social control systems contribute to contrasting learning abilities, reasoning, worldviews and communication. The aviation industry, like other international businesses, requires effective communication in order to operate safely and efficiently in an increasingly multicultural environment. Airlines must be able to communicate with their employees, customers, national regulation agencies and air traffic controllers in order to maximize safety and efficiency. More often than not, communicating with people across different cultures proves difficult and great care must be taken to avoid miscommunication. All international communication is influenced by culture and

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