College Admissions Essay: The Day That Changed My Life

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It is August fourth, two thousand thirteen. I was almost five months married now and about to reach my twenty-second birthday. I just looked down to a confirmed pregnancy test, oh boy, now my head begins to fill with so many thoughts, questions, and worries. I thought this day would never come after all I've been through, finding out health issues that should prevent me from having kids. I have finally just given up not long before this day on the thought of ever having my own just to reach this day in Gods precious timing. The pressure begins to weigh me down, my little miracle swimming inside is going to forever need and depend on me. As I realize the fact my life is about to change, I began to think of what I'm going to need to support him. My thoughts began to swirl around the kind…show more content…
I also want more than anything for him to not have to suffer financially like I am, pinching every penny to just pay bills but instead actually make more than minimum wage. So to me that means a strong education by staying in school and going to college. Well how can I affect those two things? I have to teach and lead him with my own actions. To do so I must first find the strength within myself as I have to possess the qualities I wish to see in him. I know I can't expect him to do anything by my words but instead by actions. Fast forward to today I'm currently a stay at home mom, I cant afford childcare for a minimum wage job which is a lot of why I have such a burning desire to continue my education. My husband busts his tail to provide for us, being a truck driver he isn't home much so me and my son don't get to spend much time with him. Growing up my parents didn't encourage me with my education and neither had a real relationship with God. I couldn't depend on them and that's why I want so badly for my son to be able to depend on me while at the same time I'm teaching him to be dependent on

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