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Book Review – Train to Pakistan “Train to Pakistan” is one of the most poignant and astute books ever made on the Indian Partition and the madness encompassing it. Khushwant Singh is said to have reflected that this novel brings to light "The Piercing Winds of Change and Turmoil amid the Partition", however the winds blowing were not those of political change, rather of alarmingly social repercussions; of communalism, political bias and narrow mindedness. Depressing, morose, dark and gory, “Train to Pakistan” at the same time is an eye-opening read painting the tumultuous and turbulent days that preceded the Partition and the birth of two nations, accompanied by strife and suffering. The central theme of Khuswant Singh’s magnum opus is the Partition and the angst and anger behind the bloodiest carnage in the history of…show more content…
While concocting the novel, he has impartially treated the occasion, without faulting a group or any religious minority for it. Despite the fact that there are copious works written on the partition, however "Train to Pakistan" stands out in light of the fact that instead of being only just another political commentary, it brings the social repercussions of the Partition to the center and investigates in detail its societal and humane side. Singh vents out a lot of his own angst through the characters in the book and also manages to discuss a lot of his philosophies and his observations about the Partition and the people of the Indian sub-continent in general. The most interesting observation he makes is the one where he discusses about the Indian sex psyche, vocalized by Iqbal. He said that Indians were obsessed with the subject of sex and it came out in their art, literature and religion. No “people” in the world use as much incestuous slangs as do the Indians. Conversation on any topic ultimately ended on sexual

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