Why I Want To Become An Engineer Essay

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I did not know what I wanted to be. I was just going on a school trip. It was nice because I would be visiting the Upper Peninsula and I have never been there before. This was my first college visit. I was only in middle school and I never really thought about what college I would want to go too. We arrived at Northern Michigan University and I was so excited because they let us stay in the dorms, fed us and even let us do different activities around the school like ice skating and basketball. My favorite part was being able to take different classes there.It was a great experience, not only because it was fun but I actually learned a lot. Even till this day I have not had a college experience that I enjoyed as much as Northern. I honesty do not know what makes me want to come there but I know now looking at the statistics and hearing the stories as well as remembering my trip, that I want to be a part of something like Northern University. I want to come back and make more great memories again.…show more content…
I want to become an engineer because it is something that makes me happy. My name is Areshia Gibbs-Bradley and I am a first generation student. I have dreams of helping others and making my loved ones proud. It is so great to be able to use the things you love to do and be able to be your true self and truly happy. I never heard of STEM and I also never heard of robotics. It was all a life changing moment. I found my dream career. I always had a weird love for math. Solving a problem and helping others with it always made me excited. I am also a computer nerd. I love figuring out new things with technology and fixing problems with it. It always was something I loved to do. I love robotics because no matter what your talents are you can use them to do something you love. I could use my passions and talents with a team and I proved to myself that anything is possible and that I can do anything, I put my mind

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