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Travelling is my hobby since I was a child. The combination of those architectures, plants and surrounded facilities became the unique view of my trips, which aroused my passion of landscape design. I still remember the seaside cottages district in Hainan Isle where was so distinctive from our mainland landscape, constructed a sense of relaxing for the residents. When I grow up, I had much deeper understanding of landscape, for example, the influence of landscape is way more far-reaching than I expected. The most famous case in China is Beijing quadrangle courtyard, which not only has the magic to integrate a neighborhood but also represents for a custom, a culture and a life style. It could be argued that the creation of a unique cultural quality is embedded in local architecture and landscape such as public spaces, greenbelts, and water systems, which impacted on the urban morphology in a profound and lasting…show more content…
In terms of my landscape design course, I am now proficient in the knowledge of urban landscape design, such as residential landscape design, urban park planning and design, water-front and greenbelt landscape, and tourist resort planning and design. It is worth to be mentioned that my performance have been ranked as top level of each courses, demonstrated my potential of design. Furthermore, I have mastered several crucial design softwares for landscape design which assist me to do works in a more systematic way, for example, proposing a graphic layout by CAD, producing 3D effects by 3D, and using Photoshop for adjustment and enrichment. My professional knowledge acquaints me with that a remarkable piece of work requires the integration of understanding, analysis, design and summary of the raw materials. Thereby, my academic background will certainly support my further study and specialization of landscape

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