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“...ism's are not good. A person should not believe in an ism. He should believe in himself.” -Ferris Bueller To simply put it, an ism is a distinctive practice, system, or philosophy, that could or is likely to give rise to public disagreement. Isms exist in everyday life, and they can go unnoticed, or affect someone for the rest of their lives. In my lifetime, I mainly noticed racism, genderism and classism. The following events are some of the few times where I have experienced isms, either as a bystander, a perpetrator or a victim. A bystander relates to any person who is present and overlooking on an incident. In my case, I have been a bystander to an abundance of isms, the most common and prevalent being racism. Living with my…show more content…
This was until I found that I may have also ruined a friendship under the same circumstances. I have always avoided the use of derogatory terms, in the interest of trying to see everyone’s point of view; in order to understand and to never put anyone down. Sadly, I sometimes give into my feelings and say things that are demeaning and disrespectful. In this example, I was a perpetrator of classism. In middle school, I lost a friend due to the hurtful things I said about her social class. She had a great income, expensive clothes, and fancy jewelry. She would always brag about her family trips and cruises, and it made me… jealous, so to speak. I live in a family with a typically low-income. I wear hand-me-downs and have little-to-no family vacations. I assumed that just because her family was wealthier than mine, that she could do and get whatever she wanted. These feeling built up until, one day, I broke and told her how I felt. I told her she was snobbish just for being born into a wealthy family, and that she will never understand the struggles that I have gone through. She reacted how I would expect anyone to react. She snapped and explained how I have no right to disrespect her the way I did. She went on to say, “It is not my fault you are poor and I’m not, but it is probably because you are a B**** who deserves it.” It hurt and at

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