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I have selected the norm of normal social standards to violate. My selected norm is about standing in a public lift. We know that normally we stand in a lift by keeping our face towards the door of the lift. But I did opposite to this normal social norm. I enter the lift and instead of standing in normal position (keeping face towards the door of the lift), I stand in opposite direction. I stand in the lift by keeping my face towards the wall of the lift. My location for this experiment of violating social norm was a famous shopping mall and place of experiment in that mall was lift of the mall. So I do something what is not normal in social norms or standards. I observed the reactions of people while violating this social norm. For this violation…show more content…
I stood in reverse confronting the back rather than the door. I got different reactions running from laughing to being inquired as to whether I was ok this negated my hypothesis and demonstrated it wrong which was regardless of the possibility that I stand the wrong route in the elevator and conflict with the social norm then people still won't generally respond. The experiment demonstrated a great deal about social norms and breaking them. I standing the wrong way changed the way a few people felt in the elevator they began to feel uncomfortable on the grounds that my activities conflicted with the social norm which is standing confronting the door and anything that conflicts with the social norm is not normal. The motion was little yet it demonstrated to create more prominent reactions. This experiment demonstrates that there are such things as social norms that aren't even formally expressed and as a society tenets are set in the matter of how once ought to carry on and when broken one is met with reactions and seen as various and not…show more content…
I got the opportunity to see firsthand how social norms function and the amount they assume a part in everybody's day by day lives. I figured out how people respond toward people who don't take after the social norms and break them. I got the opportunity to perceive how practices changed when I contrasted the control group with the experimental and I perceived how even people's identities change. On the off chance that this experiment was led elsewhere I would say certainly the results would be distinctive. Since the place makes the social norms. Each environment is distinctive and society makes decide in light of that. What may be satisfactory in one place won't not be so worthy in another and the other way around. For instance in some place standing endlessly at a fair separation is viewed as discourteous that is conflicting with the social norm though in America that is not the situation. Here standing excessively close is breaking the social norm. The results may have been more exceptional or there might have not been any response by any stretch of the imagination. This experiment helped in demonstrating the criticalness of social norms. The experiment additionally demonstrated to demonstrate the contrast amongst taking after and breaking social norms. In the wake of breaking the social norm I got the opportunity to see numerous reactions which

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