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The novel 'Brave New World' by 'Aldous Huxley' revolves around a society where all the principles being used in Utopia , destroyed all the beliefs we are using in today's world. People are basically made to work like robots. Not allowed to know their feelings and themselves. The era is genetically modified. They added a new motto which said "Community , identity and stability". These were also the themes of the novel. The strong characters in the novel supported its idea. John was a fugitive and shows us the contradiction between the World State citizens and ours beliefs. Linda and Lenina chase their conditioning. Henry , Fanny and DHC are World State citizens while Helmholtz and Bernard are deportee's. Mind was the one linking both the worlds.…show more content…
It was a daze when before Bernard and John's encounter , we are introduced to John while being informed the DHC's story. The Hoover's conversation with Bernard was futile and senseless. The three different dialogues in chapter three made it arduous to trail. The prime and best was John's conversation with Mond.The ending was a bit crestfallen when after realizing his mistake, John commits suicide. The novel displays disputable topics of Huxley's years. He has tried to exhibit the future if we lost our morality and thoughts. It also showed the problems caused due to the loss of the sense of righteousness in a person. Bernard Marx is an important character in the novel. He is first introduced to us in chapter three. We come to know that he works in the Psychology Bereau of the Central London Hatchery and Conditioning Center. He is an Alpha plus. Besides being an Alpha who are known to be perfect, he is flawed and different from others. His flaws made him suffer. He has no self esteem. The reason for this is the mockery he gets from other Alpha's. There were rumours prevalent that someone had added alcohol in his blood surrogate which resulted in his short

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