A Brave New World: An Analysis

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Our society was built on the foundation of freedom; we crave the ability to think, speak, and act as we wish within society without facing judgement or the law. Freedom has become a drug to our society. Many are so infatuated with the idea they begin to fight for freedoms in which they do not have while overlooking the freedom sitting at their fingertips. Our hunger for privilege in an insatiable one. Sexual and technological are two of the most common, yet most sought after, components of freedom within our society today. In Brave New World, written by Aldous Huxley, Huxley warns that our hunger to be free is the reason in which we are becoming slaves to instant gratification. As humans, no matter how satisfying it is to earn something…show more content…
What used to be a topic only spoken about behind closed doors, has become something that many, if not all, are comfortable speaking about in public. Not only that, but sex is spreading through our entertainment industry like wildfire. Men have long been considered the gender to possess the stronger sexual urges. However, women urges of this nature just as men do, arguably just as strong. In the World State, promiscuity is the only acceptable form of sexual behavior, a night and day contrast to our society. Polygamy, for it implies too much of an emotional relationship (frowned upon within the World State), seizes to exist, let alone monogamy. Members of the World State have been “conditioned” to move from sexual partner to sexual with no emotional connection. Even the higher ups of the state participate in this behavior; “[the D.H.C.] patted [Lenina] on the behind this afternoon… That shows what he stands for. The strictest of conventionality” (Huxley, 42). Even though this act is of sexual nature, even by our standards this is not considered “sex”, however, the topic of sex has become such a comfortable one within their society that acts like these are nothing to think twice of. By doing so, the members are no granted the freedom to express themselves sexually without needing to fear repercussions. Mission accomplished, right? Furthermore, sex is so engrained within their society that phrases like “orgy-porgy” are repeated with “liturgical refrain” within their equivalent of churches (Huxley, 84-84). By definition of liturgical, sex has become something of formal public worship within the World State. Again: mission accomplished, right? By providing an image of another society free to act upon sexual urge, Huxley warns of what our society may become if we are unable to tame this urge: a society of “whores”. According the University of California at

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