The Assassination Of George W Bush Persuasive Speech

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Once there was a man by the name of George W. Bush. He made plans to fly his friends, Shadi Abdalla and Khalid al-Masri, down from Afghanistan to visit him. The pilots flying the airplanes were not the best in the business, but they good enough for Bush. Because the pilots were not well trained, and due to the horrible weather at the time of the flight, the plane hit a large skyscraper in a large, over-populated city. The building was so innocent from above, but its shadow towered over the citizens of the populous city below. People came scurrying out of buildings, like ants that just had their home obliterated by a menacing child, to see what the loud ruckus was all about. The ants sat and watched in fear, while firefighters and paramedics arrived on the scene. Herds of people thought the apocalypse had just started and they began to run for their lives.…show more content…
Bush was greatly upset and sat at his house in disbelief as he simply couldn’t accept the fact that his friends have perished. But Bush saw a glance of hope when he was later told that his greatest friend, Osama Bin Laden, had not boarded the plane due to an MLG tournament he had to attend to. Bush was one of few that knew of Osama’s special black magic powers. Bush sent out a search party for his best friend and put a reward on his finding. The secret service searched for Osama for eleven years to find him in his adobe house smoking his pipe and playing Xbox. Not the Xbox 360 though, this is the

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