9/11 Short Stories

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Before the sun was created, a small town was filled with vampires, witches, and normal human beings also known as the innocent. All of the vampires were seen as evil by the innocent except for one, her name was Tara. She was despised by all the other vampires because she refused to harm the innocent like they would. One day, Tara and her best friend, whom is a witch, Bethany experience an event that changes the world forever. The cobblestone paths glow in the luminous light shining from the moon. The pitter patter of Tara’s footsteps echoes through the darkness of the night. She sighs as she tilts her head down disappointed with the world that surrounds her. Dark figures rapidly dash past her as she makes her way to her house. A woman comes out of the shadows and approaches her. “Tara! What are you doing out so late?” says the woman.…show more content…
“Tara you have got to stop acting this way. I know you aren’t like the rest of them, but whether you like it or not this is your life and you’re just going to have to learn to deal with it. You’re a vampire and you always will be,” says Bethany angrily. “How many times do I have to tell you that I’m just not cut out for this life? I don’t want this life!” Tara shouts. They both gradually stop walking as they arrive at Tara’s house. Bethany shakes her head at Tara in disappointment. Tara turns away from Bethany slowly making her way up to her house. Bethany begins to leave, but as she turns around a mysterious man comes out of the shadows. “Bethany, Bethany, Bethany,” says the

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