Adobe Photoshop And Its Impact On American Culture

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Historical Innovation For the past decade Adobe Photoshop has been something that has evolved from a software we could use to make our teeth whiter, to something we use to create a whole new body or person. The innovation of Photoshop has had such an impact on the culture of current society were It’s changed how we view people, what we expect when we look in a magazine, and how we can achieve the perfect look. The creation of Photoshop has truly changed the way Americans view one another and how we are expected to be seen. Although this innovation is not comparable to say, the T.V, it has had an impact on the culture of current society. Photoshop has given the world the right to download an app or software in seconds, and change the way someone…show more content…
Thomas and John Knoll are brothers from Michigan, who looked up to their father’s (Glen) photography dark room, in the basement of their home. The brothers soon fell in love with photography and the development of pictures. They soon after started creating their own images; Thomas always had an interest with Computers and programming. In 1987 Thomas Knoll was pursuing a Ph.D in “processing of digital images.” So with that, he purchased his first computer the Apple Macintosh Plus. While doing his first research, he found out that his computer did not support the gray-scale levels in his pictures so he wrote a subroutine to create the gray-scale effect so his computer would support it. Soon after was what led him to creating more programs with the use of images and editing them. When Thomas was creating these it sparked his brothers interest, because John mainly focused on the photography aspect more so than the development. The brothers soon became more interested in the software of imaging, and how things were created like; the display, and saving images in different formats. When John became more involved with the development of a program, he pushed his brother greatly into ‘taking the next step’. Over the series of a couple months they created a software called ‘Image Pro’ in 1988. This is when John really pushed his brother in taking the next step of making the program open to the public. “Image…show more content…
Not using a software, photographers would use things such as, over exposure to change the medium of the photo to create a ghost effect in the image. Now days, we have programs to change every single thing about a person’s body; to their skin tone, hair color, weight, anything. Photoshop has changed the way of media because it gives Americans the unreachable goal to try and become these people who are Photoshopped or even unrealistic. What these editors feel are beautiful and what they are creating in their photographs is causing harm to others as well as the models who are having their picture taken. People always assume that they are the ones who are ashamed about how they look, but they never stop and realize maybe how the models feel. Yes, Photoshop creates many body issues in young teens who are looking at the magazines, but it also puts distress on the models who have their body’s altered. Young Teen’s ask, ‘Why don’t I look like her?’ when models also ask ‘Was I not good enough?’. Photoshop creates so many self harming issues that need to be put to rest. Photoshop has been one of biggest programming evolutions when it comes to photography, but is altering a person’s body to create a higher sex appeal worth creating so much physical and mental harm within young men, and woman? In September of 2009, Kelly Clarkson appeared on ‘Self’ Magazine. Her body was Photoshopped so much she appeared to be around

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