Declaration Of Independence Research Paper

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Declaration of Independence I, a person of the youth, declare the rights to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. The youth have the right to make choices,and reasonable rights like choosing when they should be home. Every teen wants freedom, and every teen wants their parents or legal guardian to trust them, the government also shows distrust of our youth. Most teens go to social gatherings with friends, such as football games, basketball games, the movies, dinner, and so on, going home from these social gatherings can be going home past curfew and cause us teens to get into trouble for trying to get home safely.Some teens work night shifts for their jobs and can not get home in time for the government's curfew nor their parents curfew for them. The curfew on weekdays is 11 and weekends is 12, there still isn't enough time to do what us teenagers want or need to do,thus, teens go to school five days a week for close to seven hours a…show more content…
Now if the teen gives a parent a reason not to trust them then that's when a curfew should come into play, but if not then the teen should experience the real world. Once teens go to college and they had a curfew, they'll go crazy with the amount of freedom and are ten times more likely to get themselves into trouble then the teens that did not have a curfew and got to experience the real world. Most teens are reasonable and understand when work needs to be done, they get it done, so being home at a decent time would be extremely helpful in that situation. If the youth get treated like adults then why give a curfew, why not have us be in charge of our own choices, our own lives. The government wants to keep us safe also, but they wouldn't want us to be more corrupt once entered college and we have a lot of freedom that we don't know what to do
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