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In Spike Lee’s "He Got Game," is a story about a high school basketball player who is pressured by many to take is unbelievable talents to college or even the pro level.This movie could've easily been documentary on basketball players in highschool to the pros about what they go threw in the recruiting and signing deals , but Lee brings more of a heartbreaker story to the film. A father and his son relationship that grabs the audience's’ attention and most favorable in basketball family households which makes this a great movie. "He Got Game" is my favorite movie and maybe one of Lee’s best films since “Malcolm X” and “Do The Right Thing”because it stars Denzel Washington who plays as the father Jake, a man who is imprisoned for the manslaughter of his wife. His son Jesus, who is played by NBA star Ray Allen is the nation's top prospect in high school basketball. In beginning of the movie the state governor makes Jake a deal he can’t seem to turn down: He is secretly released for a week, and has to talk his son into signing a letter of intent to attend Big State University because the governor is a big fan. If Jake complete this task ,the governor will reduce Jake's sentence in prison . When Jake is released and back into Jesus’s life he is not happy to see his father. He still has deep resentment of his mother death, although his…show more content…
He moves into an old crashy building next door to a hooker who is beaten by her pimp played Milla Jovovich. Her and Jake gradually become friends, and he tries to help her. He also tries to reach his son, in a interesting way Lee lets Jake use tact and patience in the process but knows he only has a week to complete the task. Jake doesn't try to come off strong because he knows his son too well or he doesn't want to make Jesus run off . Finally it all comes down to a game of one-on-one , which Jesus is given the opportunity to understand and even pity his father Jake for what he has

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