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343 Industries is an interactive gaming development company, responsible primarily for the Halo gaming franchise. With over 200 team members, they faced many challenges in executing their visions. The main issue they were having was set server space. They needed a scalable option to meet their number of growing players and enhancements. Using Microsoft Azure for PaaS and DaaS provided only a fraction of the solution. 343 Industries utilized the services offered by Microsoft Azure to host their platform and collect and store copious amounts of user data. Microsoft Azure provided the capability of speedy, non-costly server scalability. This allowed them to increase server size as they gained more players. However, they lacked the means to analyze…show more content…
This decision to use HDInsight Service was based on 2 main factors. It met all of 343 Industries’ requirements and it integrated with Azure. The 343 Industries team was then able to write their own Azure-based service to format the data so that it would work with the HDInsight Service. The benefits that 343 Industries gained from using Azure was platform hosting, data storage and collection, flexibility of integration with 3rd party or custom-made services, and the ability to easily scale the server size as needed. 343 Industries was able to enhance agility and increase response times, provide weekly game updates, maintain players and perform in-game analysis to assist Virgin Games in pinpointing cheaters. 343 Industries was better off using Microsoft Azure, not just because they are a subsidiary of Microsoft, but also because Amazon Web Services is Linux based which would not have been as easy and flexible in the integration of 3rd party…show more content…
They can also utilize these analytical services in many aspects of the companies from manufacturing quality and efficiency to analyzing and producing new medicines. Johnson & Johnson is in the process of using Amazon Web Services solutions of IaaS to remove the pairing of the computer hardware and the Operating System which will allow employees to have more of a mobile office environment. The Johnson & Johnson enterprise currently uses Amazon Web Services to handle 120 application workloads and plans to triple that number. They also plan to deploy 25,000 desktops in 2015. By migrating over to Amazon Web Services, the company has gained agility and efficiency, maintained operational control and visibility and increased usability and performance. The company also plans to integrate GXP compliance which could possibly open the door to ventures in life sciences. Amazon Web Services continues to work with Johnson & Johnson to enhance their functionality as an enterprise and pull their decentralized operating model together into a closer

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