Piaget's Cognitive Development

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In the 1920’s Jean Piaget has used an observation with his own infants and finding them curious and thoughtful. Jean Piaget had maintain the cognitive development that occurs the four age related periods or the stages. The sensorimotor period has the infants use their senses and motor abilities to understand the world around them. Jean Piaget has credit that’s discovering the people’s assumptions and perceptions that affect their development and have accepted by most of social scientists. Concrete operational period had occurs during the ages 6-11 and will be the beginning of the children that’s start to understand and apply logical abilities that’s orders to intercepts experiences around them. He was the first psychologist that make…show more content…
He has two sorts of behavioral theory that are controlled in different ways. The first theory is called Respondent Behaviors that are elicited by stimuli and they might be modified through the respondent conditioning. The second theory is Operant Behaviors that are in contrast that means initially from particular stimulus. Operant conditioning has strength and sometimes the occurrence response has to yield a reinforce. The Respondents Behaviors has to be measured by their latency experimentally. The main idea of the behavior has it strengthened and weakness by its consequences that raises some of the questions. One of the questions that Skinner has to answer how the Operant responses strengthen the reinforcement, and where do they come from? The answer is that origin of the new body has structure that the name variation and selection. The behavior of an individual that varies from moment to moment that is followed from reinforcement that has the strength and becomes a prominent that the individuals of behavioral repertoire. His term of the gradual modification of behavior that the reinforcement of the desired of variations. The second question that is how is operant behavior that’s controlled? The arises because it has to begin with the behavior that is emitted without reference to any particular stimulus. The question is saying that the stimulus has to come in control an operant that we present when the response that reinforced and has absent. Skinner has summarized the relationship of the discriminative
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