Comparison Of Katniss And Peeta Outline

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Compare/Contrast Katniss and Peeta Outline There are many similarities and differences between Katniss & Peeta. One main similarity is the fact they both come from the same district, as well as both knowing each other. One way they both benefit from being from the same district and knowing one another is the connection between the two of them, for example when Peeta gave bread to Katniss. The result of Peeta giving the bread to Katniss has had a lasting impact on both of them throughout the games, because Katniss trusts Peeta, and Peeta trusts Katniss too. That makes them more willing to take sacrifices for one another and that leads to braveness. The second main similarity is both Katniss and Peeta’s braveness. There are multiple examples

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