Airstrip One In George Orwell's 1984

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1984 is a dark and powerful dystopian novel written by George Orwell based on the year it is named after. Britain is now called AirStrip One and it is now a totalitarian society, euphemised as a socialist country.It narrates the bleak and poverty ridden life of its citizens particularly of Winston Smith. Winston, is the protagonist of ‘1984’ and through his eyes we experience the imaginary (albeit realistic) world where everything is controlled and carefully manipulated by the powerful members of a group termed as the ‘Inner Party’ (Orwell 11). In the year 1984, every move of yours is watched and observed by a ‘tele-screen’ and you are dictated by it throughout your life.It both transmits and receives information and it is something that the citizens of Airstrip One should fear as even a single action that may be deemed wrong brings upon harsh punishment…show more content…
Party member’s are not loyal to each other, its one against the other but always ,collectively, towards and for the Party. Children are seen to be suspicious of parents, parents suspicious of children, no real friendships are witnessed and relationships between man and woman are empty and depthless.Any kind of enjoyable relationship between Party member’s is strictly discouraged and it took courage and hate for the ways of the Party to prompt Julia and Winston into a sexually charged union.Travelling far towards a country-side they begin a secret relationship.Their first act is neither one of ‘ pure love’ or ‘pure lust’(125). It is an action that once again entwines the domination of the Party as it is tainted with ‘fear and hatred’(125) and thereby becomes a ‘political act’ (125) of rebellion. Orwell details their initiation as a ‘blow struck against the party’ (125) and marks it as a point in the story when all of Julia’s and Winston’s loathsome feelings for the state culminates into a single prohibited

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