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My Personal Journey The wonders of how literature readings, emotional music, as well as television shows can affect the way individuals ponder their lives and the world around them is quite an awe inspiring, yet uncanny wonder and fact. In other words, such influence can ultimately change the way individuals in the world think and act. Chris McCandless is no exception. A daring individual described in Into the Wild, he endeavored to run away from the comfort of his home and seek for danger at the age of twenty two. The source of McCandless’ fiery endeavors, courage, and determination is literature. Although I have never been persuaded to run away from home because of a reading, I had once watched a show, Grey’s Anatomy, a medical drama that started in 2005, that had influenced not only the way I thought but also, at the age of seventeen, my desire to become a surgeon. Grey’s Anatomy depicts the drama and romance and relationships amongst friends,…show more content…
We both undertook a journey that was based off of fiction- literature for Chris McCandless and a medical drama for me. Although my journey did not take an immense toll on me as Chris McCandless’ journey did for him, we both believed in our sources. Nonetheless, as I look back to the day when I first wondered about examining bodies, like I was already a surgeon with credentials, I automatically cringe at my own uncanny past thoughts. I probably would not have been in danger like McCandless because it is not scientifically possible to revive a body, but I would have been in a huge predicament as bringing the dead back to life would have caused a traumatic uproar. As I stated before, the influence of books, of songs, and of television shows can be positive or it can be negative, but in my case, the influence of Grey’s Anatomy can be an uncanny and troubling matter for any individual and perhaps even for the

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