1950s Model Family

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As members of America, everyone is constantly exposed to the myths of our society. Since the establishment of democracy in America, our country has always been viewed as ‘the land of the free.’ This view however, is far from true. The myths in which we are essentially forced to learn defy the basic principles of our nation because not everyone is equal and free. The harsh truth of this idea is difficult to see at first, but through examining the myths of the model family, education, and individual opportunity, we are able to recognize just how unequal our society really is. The model family has always been viewed as the ideal way of life in America. Over the years, we have greatly seen the structure of the model family change as new ideas and norms are being accepted…show more content…
When asked about the best time to live and grow up, the 1950s was the most popular response. However, as Stephanie Coontz notes, “they’re not telling the whole story when they claim that the 1950s was the most prosperous time for families and the most secure decade for children” (Coontz 39). The 1950s was the most popular response not because of the gender role expectations or way of life in families but because of the economic boost and of the sense of hope. The 1950s gender role expectations caused such a large impact on our society that it is still discussed and debated today. Women were expected to stay at home, not to work, but to cook, clean and take care of the children as well as the husband after he returned from work. This normative idea of gender roles essentially became the prominent marker of the 1950 when we think back in history about it. Coontz mentions how children of parents in the 1950s felt about the jobs that their same sex parent had, “The husbands “consciously” rejected the role models provided by their fathers. The women said they could never be happy living as their mothers did” (Coontz 29). In our society today, we see a large shift from the family dynamics

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