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The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness of Superheroes, and interactive 10-session group curriculum for children exposed to domestic violence. Specifically to state five primary outcomes which are alleviation of guilt/shame, improvement of self-esteem, establishment of trust/ team work skills, enhancement of personal safety and assertiveness skills, and finally abuse prevention. The sample size was a group of 29 children from the Southeast. Created by two practitioners at a non-profit agency for children who have experienced domestic violence. A program was set up by these two called “Superheroes”. This is a 10 session weekly group curriculum lasting an hour and a half for Six though 11 year old children exposed to domestic violence. Out of the 29 participants 3 (10%) dropped out of the program. While 26 (90%) of the children completed the program. The criteria for qualifications for this group were exposure to domestic violence in some capacity, the ability to productively and safely participate in the group setting, the willingness to participate in the…show more content…
The group consisted of 14 Caucasian (52%), nine African American (33%), two Hispanics (7%), and two multiracial (7%) children. Three of the children were age 6 (11%), and about six children were 10 years of age or older (22%). A large portion (78%) of the children were reported as not having an emotional disability. Around 18 of the children (67%) had previously had counseling services. Majority of the children that were exposed to violence was from their biological parent, about 17 children (63%). A substantial amount of children experienced emotional abuse 23(92%). While 19 (70%) of the children experienced coercive perpetrated against them. Over half 16(60%) of the children experienced physical abuse against them from the abuser. Almost two thirds witnessed sexual

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