Responsibility In Scandalous Obligation By Eric Severson

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Responsibility is usually fail to notice, a duty we try to avoid. In Scandalous Obligation, Eric Severson explores the extent of Christian responsibility. This book reaches and searches into the dirty nature of obligation, the messy situation of competing calls for true justice, and the dangerous desire to dismiss or avoid responsibility. Using examples from popular culture Severson pitch a comprehensive and often frightening vision of responsibility that challenges the status of questioning our selfs. This book challenges readers to consider the many problems that are raised when Christians begin to understand the expanse size of their responsibility for the suffering and pain that is increased rapidly in this world. It explores how Christians are to turn this procedure to responsibility toward the idea of injustice and pain that is surrounding our world today.…show more content…
Responsibility as a christian community, coming from s strict back ground of christianity (Coptic Orthodox). I was raised as a coptic christian with habits. Like how we are responsible for everything that goes around us, wether its school, work, home. We are not only responsible for our action only, but are we responsible for other peoples action? Or bad action that goes around us. With the examples Eric Severson gave us in the book like the snowball fight and how he wanted to fix the windows, despite it wasn't his fault. But he felt guilty and he felt he had some responsibility toward that accident. So should we feel guilty or responsible, because when we are guilty of something and we feel responsible we don't face our problems we always try to find a scapegoat. That why I found the book interesting and funny. Eric Severson gave us a lot of examples of responsibility, faith, and scapegoating. He gave us an interesting theory of every topic and action that can relate to responsibility in general and responsibility as a

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