Harlem Renaissance Influence

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The Harlem Renaissance was the social, artistic and cultural movement. During the 1920s there was a lot of buzz of what it meant to be an African American, that buzz inspired a creative circle which consisted of music, art, fashion and most importantly, literary sector. Harlem represented the explosion of creativity in all areas which people recognized as a new birth of African American identity and called it a Harlem Renaissance. It was during this period that white Americans acknowledged the African Americans and finally, they wanted the glimpse of it. The music gained special attention to which no one was immune. During the 1916, great migration occurred which resulted in several million African Americans moving from rural South to northern cities in hope for a better life. Even though, the Harlem Renaissance lasted somewhere around 1920s to 1930s, it made a great impact on the United States and the world, all together. The Harlem Renaissance was much more than jazz and dance, it was a great movement of African Americans that will change the world.…show more content…
about the new idea of African American identity. James Mercer Langston Hughes was one of most significant writers during the Harlem Renaissance. He was the social activist, poet, playwright who perpetuated this period in many of his plays and poems that will this paper analyze and discuss. He is known for his best portrayal of a ‘Negro’ life, the position of a Negro in America is something the world is eager to know about. He is truly an artist, who takes great pride in representing strength and greatness of his people. In many of his writings seems like the Harlem in crowded New York represented his favorite setting since he wrote and cared much about the Negro community in
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