Modernism Fashion Designer: Christian Dior And Elsa Schiaparelli

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In this essay I will be comparing two modernism fashion designers Christian Dior and Elsa Schiaparelli. Both designers were ahead of their time and had a feminine quality to their designs. During the Second World War clothing was restricted because the aim was to conserve scarce resources while also retaining some element of style. The clothes that were designed using the Utility scheme do not have any historical or cross-cultural influences. Both designer had a feminine style. They are both considered to invent modern women’s fashion. This can be seen in Elsa Schiaparelli's black, satin-backed rayon marocain evening suit of 1938. And for Dior the `Bar' suit from the spring of 1947. This look were a resounding success among the war-weary population. The feminine figure was in keeping with the prevalent view that women should give up the paid employment and return to…show more content…
Her father was a scholar and her mother was Neapolitan aristocrat. Schiaparelli studied philosophy in the University of Rome. She had a very comfortable and refined childhood which she found unfulfilling. She was offered a job caring for orphans in the English country side which she took to get away. In the end the job didn’t work out and instead of returning back home to Rome, she decided to go to the city of Paris. She married when she was 23 and moved to America in the spring of 1916 with her new husband. She had a daughter who she raised on her own, her name was Maria Lucia. She lived in New York for many years until she returned to Paris. She became interested in fashion due to Paul Poiret, he was known for having dresses with lots of movement. She worked for him even though she had no training in the construction of garments or pattern making. She draped the fabrics onto the models herself that were later constructed and were wearable. She relied on impulse of the

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