Thetrewey White Lies Analysis

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Although Thetrewey’s white lies states facts about superiority, identity and “4th theme”, she also expresses her tough adventure through other works such as “miscegenation”. In miscegenation Thetrewey’s shares with us how it was to be bi-racial in the 1960’s when interracial marriage was not approved. Thetrewey describes how her parents had to move to another state to get married because interracial marriage was against the law: “They crossed the river into Cincinnati, a city whose name begins with a sound like sin, the sound of wrong—mis in Mississippi.” (Trethewey 145). However, she mentions that it was not the first time her parents broke the law. In addition of having an interracial marriage, which was wrong in the eyes of society where…show more content…
Her identity was also a big concern as she states: “The lies I could tell, when I was growing up light-bright, near-white, high-yellow, red-boned in a black place, were just white lies”. Trethewey, born from a white father and a black mother tells us that she was often traumatized causing her to say lies. “Quote if needed”. Tretewey’s other works such as “Blond”, expresses the confusion of her identity. She admits her confusion when she first realizes that she is different from her parents. In “Blond”, Trethewey describes both aspects of her life. She shares her experience living with her father in contrast of the experience she had living with her grandmother in Mississippi. She claims that when living with her father, only the white race was praised. Trethewey confirms those statements by describing her Christmas presents: “When on Christmas day I woke to find a blond wig, a pink sequined tutu, and a blond ballerina doll, nearly tall as me, I didn’t know to ask, nor that it mattered, if there’d been a brown version”(189). However, Trethewey’s confusion was not only about having parents from different identities. Thus she highlights that life would treat her better if she was considered white, she doesn’t express the desire to be white. She also tells us that she did not know what identity to claim since mixed-race people were also neglected both by blacks and

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