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Annotated Bibliography  The Group of Seven Brian, J. (2007). Beyond wilderness the Group of Seven, Canadian identity and contemporary art. Montreal: McGill-Queen's University Press. John O'Brian and Peter White were the editors of "Beyond Wilderness." The information found in this source reports on different contemporary Canadian artists that investigated landscape art in the twentieth century while moving beyond the legacy of the Group of Seven. The 7 chapters of this book mention details on the paintings of the Group of Seven and how they struggled with the idea of the wilderness in their works because of controversy, political and social issues in Canada. The modern landscape paintings played a significant role in the nationalization in Canada, specific ideas included northerness, wilderness and identity. I will be using chapter 3 and 5 for my 3rd major point where I talk about the group's influence on the identity of Canada. This source is very helpful for my essay because it explains a lot of detail on the source of power of the wilderness that resembles Canada.…show more content…
(2011). Canadian Decades: 1920s. This book has many chapters based on the 1920s in Canada. The section I will be focusing on will be "Music and the Arts." This chapter goes into the accomplishments of the Group of Seven and Emily Carr and their artwork. Not only will I educate myself about how the group became a legacy but also Emily's artworks and how she became successful. In contrast, most of the information found in this chapter is about the Group of Seven's background. This will not help me with my topic. This book was made for many topics related to the 1920s like, entertainment, political issues, science and

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