Jean Prouvé's Standard Chair (Chaise Standard Demontable)

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Chair is a common piece of furniture in today’s household. However, there is an extensive history to what and how chair is defined as a furniture piece. The prestige, shape and function of chairs have evolved together with the transformation of the society. The way chair interact with human in daily life and the intention of chair’s being have become a transitional concept, which influences the transformation of chairs. In this occasion, the essay will discuss the significance of Jean Prouvé’s Standard Chair (Chaise Standard Demontable). Chaise Standard Demontable, which literally translates to Standard Chair from French to English, is one of the very first chairs that utilize flexible and efficient assembly system. This chair was first conceived in the 1930 and was continuously developed and perfected until the 1954. This chair was designed to solve the problem of urgent need of standardized seating in public establishments at the time. In the late 1920s, France was experiencing satisfactory economic growth. There was an increase of educational, governmental and trading institutes founded as the result. Consequently, there was a surging immediate demand for furniture provision in these places. Thus, Jean Prouvé, as the leading expert in…show more content…
In the 24 years of its evaluation and improvisation, Jean Prouvé has experimented with various versions of shapes and materials, the most well known one being the Standard, Chair and Standard SP. The Standard version is the original design constructed with mainly sheet metal and wood. The Chair version is a cheaper alternative, made of all wood and manufactured during the time when metal was scarce. The Standard SP version was a later development, in which it utilizes sheet metal and a newer material, plastic, to provide more range of color for people who seek a more stylish

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