Summary Of Tim Waggoner's 'Carved In Flesh'

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Chapter 1- Introduction Tim Waggoner’s ‘Carved in Flesh’ is the 12th tie in novel for American TV series Supernatural set during the 7th season, now going on to the 11th. Waggoner has done an impressive job in presenting the popular characters who have made home in the hearts of millions of people over a decade. Dean and Sam Winchester are the protagonists who have spend all their lives as hunters of the supernatural out there hurting the fairly oblivious common people. Their Mother Mary belonged to a family of professional hunters but left that life behind to start new one with a simple man named John Winchester. Unfortunately, the normal apple pie life was destroyed when a deal made with the Devil, or the Devil’s important demon adviser Azazel came back to haunt Mary and killed her while receiving the payment for granting John’s life before their marriage. Azazel marked or cursed Mary’s second son Sam while he was 6 months old. The whole house was set on fire and Mary died while John learned the truth of the other world that exists simultaneously with his.…show more content…
It would be safe to say that over 3 decades later, Dean still hasn’t let go of his younger brother and intends to keep it that way. John in his need for revenge becomes a hunter and raises his sons to be the same. The rest of John’s life is spent looking for the demon that killed his wife while Dean ends up raising his younger brother and filling in for their late mother and an always absent Father. The Winchesters don’t fit into the world as individuals or as a family. Stating that they are just a dysfunctional family does not even start to cover it

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