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The movie Paradise Now is based on two Palestinian friends that go by the names Khaled and Said. Khaled seems to be an individual with a free spirit not too worried about what is really going on in any situation. He seems very childish and uncaring most of the time and also has the image of not being bothered by anything even when he is fired from the repair shop in the beginning. The other character which is Said is a little different in some ways. His image portrays him to be calm and relaxed but shows sadness throughout the entire movie as if he is not pleased or ever happy. He is very quiet and does not show much emotion in any situation even when he finds out that he has been selected to be a part of a terrorist act. The setting of the entire movie is very calm and reserved and most of the characters seem to act the same except for Suha. It is very difficult to determine what Said is really about and…show more content…
They stay with their families the night before the attack is to happen and after this moment the characters soon undergo many personal conflicts and changes within themselves. Khaled seems to be the most excited in the beginning of the mission. He is very enthusiastic because he believes in the cause. Said seems to be more reserved about the situation and it is difficult to determine how he truly feels in the beginning because of how quiet he is and how well he hides his emotions. There is soon a small change in Khaled that can be seen when he is being recorded by the terrorist group. He realizes what he is about to do and begins to think of his family and his mother. When being recorded he tells his mother to stop buying the water filters that she normally gets and to buy them from somewhere else because they are cheaper. This is the first noticed change in the

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