Essay On War Photography

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WAR PHOTOGRAPHY Earlier, war was painted as ‘sweet’ by the British government influencing young soldiers to fight for personal glory and national honour. Since then, war has become inevitable causing destruction and leading to the greatest tragedy of human species. War Photography captures photographs of armed conflict and life in war-torn areas.The origin of photography can be traced back to the 1820s with the help of chemical photography by the French inventor Niaphore Niepce. However, his photographs took very long to expose and so with the support of Louis Danguerre, the danguerreotype was introduced in 1837.It was in 1839 that the first ever photo of a person was taken by Danguerre. Slowly ,the technology became more advanced and the first official attempts at war photography were made by the British government at the start of the Crimean war (1855-56).Roger Fenton ,the best-known photographer along with his companion Szathmari clicked pictures of soldiers, weapons, camp…show more content…
She was one of the America’s best known and most admired writers. She hasn’t limited herself to her writings about the war photography in“Regarding the pain of others”. she gives many instances of war photography but highly addresses the Vietnam War which changed war photography and its influence dramatically.According to her war photography is anti-war in nature because the point here is war photographs are not only remarkable for the horror they capture but also its aesthetics.However,one shouldn’t forget the fine line between the two because the aesthetic appeal which draws our attention can shift the same away from the content,from the pain of others.Sontag hasn’t shown lot of images of victims but has shown images of weapons.Hence Sontag’s writings are able to convey the dual role, the nature of the war
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