Mumbai Terrorist Attack Case Study

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CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background to the Study A terrorist attack on Mumbai on 26 November 2008 which is the commercial capital of an economically resurgent India left a deep and shocking impact on the Indian security mechanism and the psyche. Actually this incident has shaken the whole nation and Government, at both the Central and state level, towards coastal security preparedness of the country for combating such terror threat/attack originating from the seas. Before to this terrorist attack the issue of coastal security and any related debate on the subject had been the exclusive preserve and the thought of the Coast Guard and some maritime specialists. For the policy makers, who has less attention towards preparedness for coastal security mechanism and had some sort of sea blindness, and securing the country's land borders remained the priority on the national security agenda. For the policy maker, the degree…show more content…
Uninhabited Islands. There are nearly 1200 uninhabited islands in our seas pose a major security threat as these are being scanned by terror outfits. 5. Gun Running. Smuggling of narcotics and gun-running generates huge amounts of money that fuels terrorism amongst other things. Given her history, demographics and pluralistic society, India is especially exposed to similar targeting by similar non state players and the terror sponsoring neighbours. Clearly, it is necessary to take issues of maritime security very seriously than has been done so far. 6. Fishing Boats. The fishermen go where there is probability or presence of fish. For doing so they routinely cross across virtual boundaries, for example, in the Gujarat Area approx. 300 to 500 Indian fishing boats cross over to the Pakistan IMBL side and return the next day after fishing. A couple of patrolling IN and ICG ships & Aircraft are making their visible presence and deterence but unable to counter such large numbers despite concerted efforts because of the sheer

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