Why Are Murderers Entering The Mind Of A Murderer?

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Entering the mind of a murderer may seem like a terrifying feat, probably because we are scared to acknowledge how closely they resemble us. Beelzebub's SAT Scores briefly discusses a topic that has crossed all of our minds periodically, especially as we have immersed ourselves in an age of terrorism and psychological development. Most try to make assumptions about and connections between all murderers, but the only thing that they will all have in common is their emotional terrors as human beings. Can murderers be created? We may never know, but research studies are focused and intend to find out. In the meantime, we search for explanation through the exploration of fictitious minds. With the more humane considerations applying to the punishment of murderers, a deeper understanding of their behavioural psychology is of increasing importance.…show more content…
For instance, if one has a seizure and knocks a knife off of the shelf with their flailing arm, they probably won’t be considered guilty of intentional murder. If this is the case, what standards should be put in place for the punishment of those with mental illness such as schizophrenia, or alzheimer's? We can further these questions by touching upon emotional damage from instances of child abuse, lack of social interaction, or bullying. According to the article The Scene of the Crime: Inventing the Serial Killer, the details of one’s past and exposure to certain media types can greatly affect whether or not they are susceptible to resort to murder and if so, how. (Warwick, 2006). Those who have experienced these tragic occurrences first hand will often hold resentment and find violence as the only solution to the continuous problems that they

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