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  • Importance Of Stereotype Formation

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    The modern world is diverse and multicultural. Everyone has a set of personal qualities and characteristics, which is based on many factors including the origin, environment, education, etc. It is difficult to argue that a group affiliation of a person also plays an important role and contributes into this qualifications formation, creating both socially acceptable and unacceptable qualities and types of demeanor. The excessive generalizations on the issue of existence of a direct link between a

  • Causes Of The Emancipation Proclamation

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    During the Civil War, President Abraham Lincoln issued The Emancipation Proclamation. On January 1, 1863 this proclamation changed the federal legal status of more than 3 million enslaved people in the areas of the South from "slave" to "free". Many historians debating over Lincoln’s decision argue that the President did it for practical reasons, rather than ideological. In fact, the hope was to mobilize people, especially black people in the North, to fight in order to free their brothers living

  • Essay On Totalitarianism

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    The rise of terrorist activity by Islamic extremists in recent decades has brought about the misconception that all religious fundamentalist groups are fuelled by totalitarian norms which are communicated through the use of violence. As Heywood (2012) states; the term ‘fundamentalist’ is now one of great controversy, with followers of several religions rejecting the term as ‘simplistic or demeaning’. It is important to note that religious fundamentalism is not an exclusively Islamic development

  • Marital Rape Case Study

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    Background Information on Marital Rape in Singapore Under Singapore law, women are now protected from rape by their own husbands (otherwise known as marital rape). However, the very limited scope of the marital rape exemption should be acknowledged and hence addressed in the paper. Previously, there was a blanket ban against women crying rape by their husbands. This is known as the marital rape exception or marital rape exemption. The law has been changed such that a man who forces his wife to

  • Double Effect Doctrine

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    In this paper, I will discuss the permissibility of the Doctrine of Double Effect. I will do this by analyzing J.J Thomson’s and Thomas Nagel’s criticisms of the doctrine. The Doctrine of Double Effect is not a morally justifiable or useful distinction which will be shown by comparing the arguments of Thomson and Enoch, and discussing Just War Theory and Thomson’s argument for self-defense. The Doctrine of Double Effect is a moral theology originally created by the Catholic church. It asserts that

  • Essay On Preventive Detention

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    Preventive Detention by administrative power, as opposed to judicial detention, is defined as detention without judicial intervention or sanction. This form of detention, inter alia, may be due to detention by the police (executive) for purposes of investigation and also for the purposes of preventing some supposed ‘crime’ which has not yet occurred (preventive detention). Preventive detention is commonly known as Detention Without Trial (‘DWT’). When we talk about detention, we will not limit ourselves

  • How Did Australia Affect America

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    World War 2 had a massive impact on almost all of the countries around the world, bringing some together in alliances and tearing others apart with betrayal. Some other relationships were only intensified and amplified by the outcomes and events of World War 2. Australia experienced being both torn apart and brought together with two of the most powerful nations in the world, Britain and the United States of America. This was done with the damaging of the relationship with Britain and the formation

  • Importance Of Disaster Planning

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    Introduction Data is alluded to as a collection of facts. Each organization forms information at various levels every day making it the primary resource/asset of an organization. With the progression in innovation, each business tends to deploy and adopt modern systems, applications, and technologies to help in data generation, storage, security, and management. Data administration and storage are accomplished through databases being the best-favored solution. Control of database management and access

  • River Of Fire Summary

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    The Novel as a Nation and Nation as a Novel A Study of Hyder’s River of Fire (Aag ka Dariya) Aratrika Bose 05021600916 M.A Final The concept of nation is more often than not constructed by narrations of dominant discourse or history as it is called. History always documents the teleological macro narratives of battles and invasions foregrounding the side which conquers and wins. There is no space for the minorities or in other words marginalised groups are created precisely through this one

  • Ethnic Conflict In Pakistan

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    Khan (1996) in his article Pakistan: Ethnic Fragmentation or National Integration states that the reason for the emergence of ethnic conflicts is due to rejection of nation's leader to recognize cultural and language diversity in these regions. When they were not recognized as the diverse entity and were considered as the individual. This shaped ethnic troubles as culture or language are precious to people's mind and they don't wish to lose it or also cannot see it vanishing at any rate. This affected