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The books title Little Brother is an indirect reference to Marcus who rebels against the government which is taking away all their privacy privileges. Even though it’s not directly said in the book it’s implied by how he rebels against the government as W1n5t0n and M1ck3y that Marcus is the “Little Brother”. In the book the people are annoyed but they don’t rebel against the government, which is implied to be the big brother. Marcus on the other hand decides to fight back anonymously after being detained and striped of his privacy privlidges. Of course he gets past the privacy issue with his notorious intellect. It explains and sets a bickering theme between Marcus’ group of rebels and the government which is trying it’s all to contain terrorism by, installing cameras in every school tracking everyones fast passes and questioning everyone who looks suspicious. The title is hard to understand but once you get it, you can’t find a better name for it.…show more content…
You see he’s a Cyberpunk who doesn’t do well with being monitored or his privacy rights being taken away. That’s why after the terrorist attack happens and his privacy privileges were taken away because he was a suspected terrorist he decides to fight back against the seemingly corrupt government. But also now that his every move is being watched and he every move must be careful now that the government is keeping on eye on his every move. He gets help from his friends Van and Jolu to keep him and the xnet hidden from the government and the DHS (department of homeland security). Not only does he do this but at the same time he desperately hopes to find out what exactly happened to his best friend

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