Mass School Shootings Research Paper

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There is an old saying in the media "if it bleeds it leads." Indeed, our society has become so infatuated with violence that it is starting to create these killers. An unfortunate reality of the coverage and exposure of mass school shootings only brings these psychos out of the woodwork. Take recent school shooter Chris Harper Mercer, for example. On his social media pages he expressed admiration for previous murderer's stating how quickly they go from nobody to all over the news. They become "famous" even if it is for all the wrong reasons. While America is worried about every other countries' problems, domestic terrorism is becoming more and more common on our own soil. As long as the media continues to glorify these murderers, nothing is going to change.…show more content…
Unfortunatly these tragic events are increasingly becoming a norm. The same could be said about the way the media covers and portrays said tragedy. The victims are quickly forgotten except by those who knew them. Meanwhile, the killers become immortalized through the coverage. Chris Harper Mercer stated this directly appealed to him. They dont care if they have a postive impact on the world, all they want is to have an impact. These people that seek such an instant impact on the world, often feel as though they have nothing to life for. In their mind, if they are miserable, so should the rest of the world share their pain. Not only is their goal to become infamous, but also to leave the world in a state of anarchy and utter chaos, most likely, the same way they have felt all their lives. They witness for themselves, as well as, learn about all the atrocities and mass genocides our civilization has committed throughout history. Eventually, this resentment reaches a boiling point and soon becomes their goal to add to

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