Shepard Fairey's Arab Women, Peace Target

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Shepard Fairey is one of the most modern and well known contemporary artist in the twenty-first century. The piece below targets the large issues of women, segregation towards race, and the loss of peace in the world in “Arab Women, Peace Target.” Red, Black, and White are the three colors used to create the piece, however the bold and intricate lines create a traditional look on contemporary art. The intimate line work on the women and the dove create a realistic image to the viewer with patterns that connect back to Muslim roots. Shepard Fairey is an American artist, however his exposure to urban culture creates an opportunity to use real-life situations. In “Arab Women, Peace Target.” The message of this piece is to make viewers…show more content…
To begin with color is the first thing to come to mind when seeing this piece, the cream, dark read, and black all correspond to the message being conveyed. Red represents blood, black represents death, and cream is representation for peace, all colors uniformly make the piece stand out to the viewer. Value takes a large role because the three dimensional aspects of the piece are created through the shadows of the women’s face and the fabric in her Hijab. The use of negative/positive space make the piece very uniform and simple to differentiate what is the background of the piece, foreground, and the women and dove. Pattern altogether makes this piece a “Shepheard Fairey” piece unique to his style and common to his other works. The patterns are very Middle Eastern inspired, bringing familiarity to Buddhist or Hindi association. The pattern in the women’s fabric reveal elegance and clean repetition, these patterns symbolize a flowers and stems creating a gentleness to the women and dove. Finally, the line in the work is quite tremendous especially when creating shading for the women in her face and indents of her Hijab. The line work in this piece make this looks surreal, almost as it could pass as a piece of representational art with contemporary

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