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The Fire Isn’t Our Friend Remember, remember the fifth of November, gunpowder, treason and plot. I see some reasons why gunpowder treason should be forgot. In 1605 the long endured oppression of Roman Catholicism drove plotters to attempt to blow up parliament, and henceforth Britain has celebrated this by igniting bonfires and setting off fireworks. However, should we still be commemorating attempted terrorism with celebrations which are hazardous and perilous to not only humans but animals also? Every aspect of the Bonfire Night festivities threatens creatures great and small. Bonfires are deadly for innocent creatures, particularly hedgehogs. As it nears winter hedgehogs begin the search for a place to hibernate and often select unlit bonfires.…show more content…
The same occurs for natural life, although in the wild they are unprotected and without shelter. It is common for deer to flee across roads, endangering both the mammal and car passengers, many of which could be young children with their families travelling to or from Guy Fawkes Night events. Smaller animals who scarper can find themselves drowning in lakes and ponds with no means of rescue. Birds may seem safe with wings to aid in their escape, however they often fly into windows or walls which can severely injure or kill them. In freezing cold weathers the energy these animals have been saving is essential for survival. Terrifying them with fireworks scares them from a safe winter home and could have a pernicious effect. The aftermath of these displays can cause pollution, again threatening life forms. Are a few minutes of pretty colours in the sky really worth the grave loss and jeopardy of animal…show more content…
Wendy Bagshaw from Derby “lost everything” when a firework deviated from course and annihilated her house. Not only are Mrs Bagshaw and her husband homeless, they also lost all pictures of their treasured and recently departed friends and family. It also caused further stress as both Mrs Bagshaw’s husband and father are ill. The catastrophe was blamed on people not properly understanding how to use fireworks. It seems bizarre explosives so destructive are available to untrained individuals. Yet, even organised displays can go wrong. Fourteen people were burnt at a Wiltshire Hotel pyrotechnic display as fireworks were inadvertently launched into the crowd. The fireworks “malfunctioned”, which emphasises how unsafe it is for the public to have access to them. Though the injuries were minor, it could have caused much more harm. Many young children suffered burns, which consequently could cause

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