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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Social Media

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    ABSTRACT Today, we are leading into 21st century and people do not involve directly with each other. Social media is a area where it helps in bringing together people thus social networking sites can also relate people who are far away and thus its helps in leads to large attempts to influence the buyer or an clients through Facebook by connecting between product and individual decisions. Social media is an area where media win the trust of consumers by servicing with them at a deeper level. From

  • The Importance Of Maternal Education

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    Introduction Maternal education has often been suggested and examined while looking at factors that influences child morbidity. While correlations between maternal education and child health have been observed in diverse parts of the world, and much discussion has focused on the various pathways on how maternal education has contributed to lowering child morbidity, there is an important literature gap that has not been bridged. Research on predictors of child morbidity has always focused on maternal

  • Social Stratification In Society

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    Social stratification has been a crucial issue in the society since the beginning of time because it places an individual in this form of a social ladder that identifies where that being stands in the society. Social class refers to how individuals and groups are classified into hierarchies in society on the basis of factors like wealth, income, race, education, and power (Cole, 2017). These groups are commonly known as lower, middle, and upper class. Thus, all societies have some form of system

  • Interdependent Social Orientation Analysis

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    1. What is the basic conclusion of this review? After reading “The Origin of Cultural Differences in Cognition: The Social Orientation Hypothesis” I have come to believe the two social orientation independent and interdependent mostly share a correlation with social orientation differences and priming. Social differences amongst different cultures stares the focus to independent or interdependent because in that particular culture that is the way things have previously been done. While priming affects

  • Untouchability In India

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    Taboo (Dalit) has endured in India since various eras. Harijans (individuals from an inherited Hindu gathering of the most reduced social and custom status) were separated publicly and be subject to the group offense of Untouchability and social abuses by caste Hindus under Brahmanical request after execution of The Manusmṛti. The issue of Untouchability is a genuine social ailment in the Indian culture. The thought of contamination, pollution, and painting has brought about the most noticeably

  • Importance Of Adult Education

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    Initial preparation and organisation for the above project requires a review of relevant literature. All societies in the modern world note the importance of education. Macionis and Plummer (2005) suggest that education is the “social institution guiding the transmission of knowledge, job skills, cultural norms and values”(2010: 514). The importance of adult and further education is stressed by national, European and international policy documents as being critical to economic, social and cultural

  • Intercultural Communication Case Study

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    Globalization is no longer an unfamiliar word with people in the world as it has been casting an enormous influence on every corner of modern life; therefore, cultural sphere cannot escape from the sprawl of societial homogenization. According to David (2002), globalization can be viewed as a process of “harminizing different culture and beliefs” (cited in Yusuf). Globalization, to some extent, has created a “ubiquitous and complex context” for the study of interculteral communication (Sorrells,

  • The Importance Of Marriage In Islam

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    Marriage has been an important part of h¬uman society. Man cannot survive in isolation without a partner. We can explain marriage as a social contract between man and women. In Islam, the marriage of a man and a woman is not just a financial and physical arrangement of living together but a sacred contract, a gift of Allah, to lead a happy, enjoyable life and continuance of posterity. By adding responsibilities upon the individual, marriage increases his status in society and gives him\her an opportunity

  • Deductive Approach In Marketing Research

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    The concept of research philosophy entails a scheme of beliefs and assumptions held regarding knowledge creation and development. According to Creswell (2009), the philosophy or paradigm constitutes a worldview. In aggregate, it constitutes of a collection of beliefs regarding the manner to which data of a phenomenon ought to be collected, analyzed and utilized. The primary aim of science is to transform the things that are believed to exist to things that are known, that is, doxa to episteme. The

  • The Importance Of Soft Skills

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    In today’s world, where demand for skilled workforce has increased considerably, it has become critical for everyone to sharpen soft skills along with technical knowledge and expertise. With the changing demands expectation of business enterprise with workforce is also changing. And to meet the ever increasing demand and expectation of business enterprise, workforce has left with no choice but to be equipped with sound knowledge of soft skills in combination with hard skills before entering the job