How Does Diana Kwon Acquire Her Research In Adult Education

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Brain Growth and Poverty). Essay According to an article from Newsela by Diana Kwon, poverty stunts brain development. Does destitution affect the intelligence of a child? Apart from the previous question, what is the meaning of the author’s content and intent of the article. Plus, where did Diana Kwon acquire her research? There are a numerous amount of questions this article. Ergo,what is the writer’s content in the article mean? The article’s subject matter states that children in poverty are affected by poverty. Consequently, this is a rhetorical question. Diana’s article tries to convince the reader that poverty affects a child’s brain growth. Furthermore, it proclaims that poverty is a biomedical condition that affect communities. The article believes that poverty can be purged with medical help. Although this statement sounds legit, it is absurd to believe it because poverty is man-made. Poverty is not something that transpires naturally.…show more content…
Ultimately,the author’s intent behind the content of the article is exceedingly unlike each other. The writer would like you to believe that poverty stunts brain maturation in children, but the veracity is that the majority of the article revolves around gobs of biasly inferred educated guesses. Therefore, one should and can infer that it is not a finished piece of work. Moreover,there is still research left undone on this matter. Ergo, why does the person behind the text want to write the article? My intellectual capabilities and reasoning always believe that money is behind most subjects that are germane to poverty. Consequently, i can conclude that the author’s intent was not to explain the correlation between destitution and children’s brain development, but an attempt to acquire money, thus making this research less

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