By The Waters Of Babylon Religion Analysis

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In human history, priests have had complete and utter control over societies, this is not only showed in “By the Waters of Babylon,” but it is demonstrated as well. In many different human civilizations, the public has given extensive amounts of power to the priest or priests because they have a special connection with the god or gods of a society’s religion. This is a demonstration of a theocracy where the government is somewhat decided or otherwise influenced by religion. For example, the theocracy of Ancient Egypt contained pharaohs who were believed to be gods as well as men, which gave them power over Egypt. In the story, the people of the hill society grant complete power to the priests because they are special. The public believes that…show more content…
To do this, he goes to the forbidden place of the gods, where he discovers that they are not gods, but merely humans. When informing his dad on this discovery, his dad is not surprised one bit. He simply stares at John and say, “Truth is a hard deer to hunt. If you eat it all at once, you may die of the truth.” This implies that the new information should be kept secret from the public, and the way he was so calm implies that he already knew the information. It seems as though the priests want to keep this knowledge secret because their power will be lost if the public knows that the gods are real. For example, the pharaoh has immense power because the pharaohs are considered gods, but if the gods do not exist, then the pharaoh is simply a regular Egyptian. The same applies to the story. As aforementioned, the priests have a special relationship with the gods, but if the gods do not exist then they have no special ability and therefore there is no point for the priests to have

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