Wicca, The Modern Religion Of Witchcraft

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Wicca, the Modern Religion of Witchcraft. (2nd Draft) Religion is what makes up a component of a culture: our rituals and the way we process life and death. Religion is the way we can deal with traumatic events. It is the way we reflect, and the way we opt to live our lives. To be a good person, to be blithe after our celestial spirits have left this world. Where do we go? What is of us after this life on earth? That’s precisely why people choose to believe in supernatural beings that guide us and create our destiny. Deities or Supreme Beings that have made this planet that we stand on. There are several religions within this world; Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, etc. These are some of the main religions in the world,…show more content…
Since this founding, various Wiccan traditions have evolved from the original Gardinerian Wicca. Its name deriving from the beliefs, teachings, and practices of Gerald Gardner. The name Wicca, by scholars has been translated to the meaning “Craft of The Wise.” This derives from witchcraft, which was often called “the Craft.” Witchcraft has been around since before Christianity, but was never given much attention till about 1000 AD. People who practiced witchcraft were considered anti-Christian. It was believed that witches made pacts with the devil and engaged in practices such as invisibility, flying, training cats to spy on other people, etc. Because of the church’s convictions, many innocent men and women were executed. Accusations like this still exist today, but not to the same extent. In 1692, women were burned at the stake, or tried for performing witchcraft. Nearly 200 people were killed during this time haunting time. It’s frightening how freely the allegations were made on the ‘witches.’ Not to be mistaken, the modern practice of Wicca is predominantly different from witchcraft. The confusion usually comes from the belief that Wiccans are also called witches. Keep in mind that a Wiccan can be a witch, but that does not mean witch is always Wiccan. Witches do not have to have any religious beliefs or practices, but is rather a skill of performing magic. While Wicca has a belief

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