Media Violence

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  • Persuasive Speech On Freedom Of Speech

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    screen serves as both a medium of conversation and a catalyst to reduce inhibitions, the topic of freedom of speech is a precarious one. There are many harsh realities of unchecked internet usage, such as suicides due to cyberbullying, threats of violence, and the complete polarization of our nation’s politics. The ability to hide behind a screen makes anyone braver than they would be in verbal conversation, which raises the question of whether or not U.S. citizens should have the same rights to

  • Ghetto Documentary Analysis

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    the onset that things always end badly in the ghetto. In this brand of ghetto film, the filmmakers “infiltrate” the communities they depict and acquire an insider’s views of marginality, gang life, and violence. Narrative emplotment is such that death is usually portrayed as inevitable and violence framed as virtually impossible to escape. Key examples of this variant are La Sierra: Urban Warfare in the Barrios of Medellín, Colombia (2005), by Margarita Martínez (1970-) and Scott Dalton (1969-), and

  • Gender Stereotypes In Video Games

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    53 of the book “Effective Electronic Gaming in Education” written by Yi Mou (Cambridge, MA, USA) and Wei Peng (Michigan State University, USA), a chapter only dedicated to gender and racial stereotypes in the games, the authors affirm that “In mass media, compared to female characters, male characters appear more frequently, talk significantly more, and engage in noted behaviors more, such as achieving and showing leadership” (Mou, Peng 923). And also that “women are usually perceived as subordinate

  • Negative Essay On Domestic Violence

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    Domestic violence refers to emotional, sexual, physical and verbal abuse against an intimate partner, child or other family members. A large number of children in the world are affected by domestic violence, research highlighted that the fact of domestic violence increased the risk for a range of problems, including physically attacked, sexually assaulted and mental and emotional abuse. As Alica, H.C, Psy.D says in PARENTS "Domestic violence is a family affair and is impossible to hide when

  • A Clockwork Orange Analysis

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    FILM 3007 - FILM AND MEDIA ARTS RESEARCH METHODS (2015/ 2016) Final paper on Critical Theories and Film or Media Arts Code and Cinematic Signs in A Clockwork Orange Cheung Tsz Ching 13204599 INTRODUCTION A Clockwork Orange (1971), directed by Stanley Kubrick. The film is based on Anthony Burgess's novel A Clockwork Orange in 1962. A teenager Alex DeLarge leads a gang of ‘droogs’. They spend each night committing crimes of violence. During one of the “night out”, Alex is captured by the police,

  • Theories Of Impression Management

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    Goffman’s theory of Impression Management is a conceptual framework as to how individuals present their selves and how they control the image they convey to others. Goffman also likened the Impression Management to a theatrical play where our daily life is the ‘stage’, the individual is the ‘social actor’ and the people around the individual is the ‘audience’. Goffman believed that by nature, we tend to seek information from others at the first meet-up. With this information that we receive, we establish

  • Motherhood In The Western Family

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    instinct in Western society through dominant discourse, and the support given by psychoanalytic theories to the institutionalisation of ‘natural’ patterns of mothering. Subsequently, I will investigate the traditional representations of ‘bad’ mothers in media discourse, popular culture and literature. Using this framework as a starting point, Chapter 2 will look at the portrayal of abusive mothers described from the daughter’s perspective in Oranges Are not the Only Fruit (1985) by Jeanette Winterson and

  • How Does Video Games Affect Youth

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    exposure to violent games is a source for violence or not. If those effects are existing, then it is not possible that videogames are the only source of violence in a child or young adult’s life. There are many factors that contribute to a violent child or young adult that would label them as a violent or aggressive child for example, having history of being abused, psychological disorders, drug addiction/use, media violence, witnessing real life violence, or inflated self-esteem. To become a violent

  • Monster Youngster Case Study

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    2.0 Factors That Cause “Monster Youngster” According to Abd Wahab Kassim (n.d), the rise in social deviance among adolescents can be viewed from various aspects. Throughout 1995, 4012 adolescents (remanded in prison and Henry Gurney School) were involved in crimes where 96.2% were male adolescents. The phenomenon is rather alarming and should not be viewed lightly as there are more male detainees in rehabilitation centres and under remand. Although there is an increase in the number of male adolescents

  • Explain Why Mentally-Ill People Should Be Allowed To Have Guns

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    to gun violence, they have the right to possess weaponry as U.S. citizens,