Informative Essay: A Brief History Of The Seattle Braves

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The Seattle Seahawks {By: Thomas Melone and Corey Parker} Introduction of the Seattle Seahawks The Seattle Seahawks are a NFL (National Football League) football team. They are from the city Seattle in the state of Washington.Seattle, Washington. The Seattle Seahawks are important because, they are a job and people need jobs to live. They are also important because, they provide entertainment for people who aren’t in the game. Those people could be at home, at the stadium CenturyLink Field, or at a restaurant or sports grill. The Seahawks are important for the people who work there too. These people include maintenance, ticket vendor, concession stand, security, medical staff, etc. The players get paid thousands of dollars, even millions.…show more content…
On June 4, 1974, the NFL awarded its 28th franchise Seattle to play in the 64,984-seat kingdom. The civic suggestion netted 20,365 entries and 1,741 different names but,”Seahawks” was elected and announce on June, 1975. Just a little more than 2 months, after a 27 day sale, the season campaign for tickets the first game sold over 59,000 tickets. ON January 3,1976, Jack Patera, who had been Minnesota assistant coach, was named the first head coach of the Seattle Seahawks. At the end of the season the Seahawks finished 2-12 in 1976 when they played in the NFC, and 5-9 in 1977, when they moved into the AFC. The Seahawks had winning 9-7 records in both 1978 and 1979 and Patera was named NFL Coach of the Year the second year. After 6 plus years with the Seattle Seahawks Jack Patera was replaced by Mike McCormack finished the season as a interim head coach and then replaced by Chuck Knox, who guided the Seahawks to an 83-67-0 record in 9 seasons up through the 1991

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